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97351 Matoury

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French Guiana is a breath taking country in South America. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, lush countryside, exotic perfumes and a blend of cultures greet the visitor. Cayenne, its capital, is a popular holiday destination, with buzzing fish and vegetable markets and the informative Musée de Cayenne. An ode to creole and Amerindian culture, the museum also focuses on local wildlife. Book a flight to Cayenne and visit the Saint Sauveur Cathedral, a classified French Historic Monument. Its terraced roof, pulpit and wacapou altar are just some of its unusual traits. Head up to the Fort Cépérou for a stunning view over Cayenne, before stretching out on the white sands of Montjoly Beach. Head to the west of Cayenne and walk to the Space Centre at Kourou, and, if you book in advance, watch a rocket launch! Reserve a hotel room in Cayenne or its surrounds, close to French Guiana’s amazing landmarks. Visit the delightful, little Iracoubo Church, decorated by a convict called Pierre Huguet, an inmate on the infamous Devil’s Island. Go turtle watching at Mana, near the mouth of the Maroni, a famous Leatherback breeding ground and, at the end of the day, return to Cayenne – the Guianiese carnival’s about to begin!