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Mayotte - Dzaoudzi Pamandzi (DZA) airport

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97615 Pamandzi

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Former capital of Mayotte, Dzaoudzi is situated on the small island of Petite-Terre in the Indian Ocean. This is a nature-lover’s paradise, with a lush environment, where mango and coconut trees blend with badamiers and exotic palms. The wildlife’s resplendent – lemurs, zebu, exotic birds and small monkeys on M’Bouzi Isle. Book a flight to Dzaoudzi and stroll along the Boulevard des Crabes that links Dzaoudzi to Mamoudzou. It’s a buzzing place, great for getting out and about and enjoying fresh seafood. Before crossing over, head to the emerald waters of Dziani Lake with its extinct volcanic crater – the view over the lagoon is breathtaking. If you enjoy hiking, go to the south of Grande Terre and Mount Choungui which has equally splendid views over the region. Mayotte is famous for its clear waters, considered to be some of the best in the world and as such is a popular Indian Ocean destination. You can reserve a hotel room by the beach of your choice and enjoy some diving around the stunning coral reefs, home to a diverse, colourful marine life. Treat yourself to an exotic holiday; laze under a baobab tree or take a walking safari across the red sands of the Dapani Desert!