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Whilst still little-known in France, Beauvais has nonetheless become a popular international destination, thanks to the development of Tillé Airport, only five kilometres from the town. In 2011, Beauvais was designated a French ‘City of Art and History’, in recognition of its rich architectural heritage. Book a flight to Beauvais and discover Picardie. Tour the Somme Bay, a vast estuary, home to seal colonies, reminiscent of Mont Saint Michel’s salt marshes. A short drive from Beauvais is the Parc du Marquenterre, a bird reserve and ornithologist’s dream. Nearby there’s Amiens, Laon and Saint Quentin, all well worth the detour during a holiday in Picardie. A must-see in Beauvais is the Saint Pierre Cathedral, a large-scale Medieval structure with the highest choir vault of the Gothic era! Other local landmarks include the Episcopal Palace, the Saint Lazar leper-house as well as the Saint-Etienne and Notre-Dame de Marissel Churches…Beauvais certainly merits its reputation. You can reserve a hotel room nearby and spend a couple of hours visiting Beauvais’s famous National Tapestry Gallery before sitting down to sample a Ficelle Picarde, Picardy’s traditional, savoury pancakes!