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Rennes Bretagne (RNS) airport

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BP 29155
35091 Rennes Cedex 09

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Rennes is a dynamic student town that is relaxing and filled with interesting attractions. During your holiday make sure you to do a walking tour of its ancient fortifications including the incredibly well preserved Portes Mordelaises and the Duchesne Tower. Moving forward in time, you’ll also find magnificent, Middle Age timber-framed houses in Rennes’ town centre. Tempting isn’t it? Don’t wait and book a flight to Rennes, the capital of Brittany and visit the majestic Parlement de Bretagne, one of the town’s ninety classified French Historic Monuments. Entirely restored, it matches the Hôtel de Ville in terms of exemplary 18th Century stone- built architecture. A part of town popular with tourists is the Champs Libres, a contemporary complex that houses the town library as well as the Musée de Bretagne and Science Museum. You can also take a stroll through Renne’s lush Thabor, Oberthür, Maurepas and Tanneurs Parks; the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day. If you haven’t sorted out where to stay, you can now reserve a hotel room close to the town’s many attractions. And once you’ve recharged your batteries in a park, you can head to the buzzing Marché de Lices, a vibrant flea market that will give you a taste of life in this delightful Breton town.