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The Tours-Val de Loire Airport is 10km from Tours in the Indre et Loire department. It’s an international airport complex capable of handling more than 150,000 passengers per year. Covering 1,500 m², Tours-Val de Loire Airport’s single terminal has a restaurant serving various menu options as well as a meeting room for business travellers. A regular bus transfer service operates between Tours-Val de Loire Airport and the railway station in Tours. There are 400 free car parking spaces at Tours-Val de Loire Airport, all close to the terminal. Open to passengers and visitors alike, they offer both long and short stay parking.

Tours, a classified ‘Town of Art and History’ is a popular tourist destination. Capital of the Loire Valley and the largest UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tours’ history goes back 2,000 years. Book a flight for your trip to Tours and explore its impressive Gallic-Roman ruins, namely the castrum, the remains of its thermal baths, the postern-gate and the basement area under the Musée des Beaux Arts. The old parts of Tours are filled with Medieval vestiges, with elegant timber-framed houses and chic quarters such as the Scellerie, with its numerous antique shops and the majestic Saint Gatien Cathedral. Having been the Royal seat for a hundred years, Tours witnessed the French Renaissance as seen in its surrounding castles. The Châteaux of Vilandry, Azay-le-rideau, Amboise and Langeais are only 25 kilometres from the town. The Touraine region is a Gargantuan area famous for its food. Indeed Tours is not nicknamed the ‘the town with thirty markets’ for nothing! Sample the local rillettes, rillons, gelines and fouaces, all washed down with a glass of Chinon or Vouvray. Sound’s tempting doesn’t it? So now that you’ve decided to spend your holiday in the Val, it’s time to reserve your hotel in Tours, close to its famous landmarks.

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