Saint-Etienne airport

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St Etienne-Bouthéon Airport is situated in the Loire, a short drive from Saint Etienne and less than an hour from Lyon. St Etienne-Bouthéon Airport is an airport complex that specialises in charter and low-cost flights and is able to handle more than 100,000 passengers per year. Spread over 2,300 m², St Etienne-Bouthéon Airport’s single terminal is fully equipped for disabled or reduced mobility passengers. A regular bus service is available so that passengers can easily to and fro between St Etienne-Bouthéon Airport and the towns of Lyon and Saint Etienne. There is parking for 250 cars and car parking is free for passengers taking charter flights from St Etienne-Bouthéon Airport.

A classified ‘Town of Art and History’, Saint Etienne has an architectural heritage which spans more than six centuries. Visit the famous Bourse de Travail and delve into its former arms manufacturing industry – part of an industrial evolution that led to the construction of Saint Etienne’s now classified iron railway bridge, the oldest in Europe. Book a flight for your trip to Saint Etienne and explore the Mine Museum, where, armed with a helmet, you can visit this former coal pit. Saint Etienne is also home to more than 700 hectares of parks and gardens, perfect places to unwind during your holiday in the Loire. If this is where you plan to come, then don’t waste any more time and reserve a hotel room in Saint Etienne. Outside of town, nature lovers will adore the surrounding countryside. Tour the Pilat National Park, the Loire gorges and the Forez Mountains. With breathtaking views along the way, you’ll give your legs a great workout as you explore some of the 2,500 kilometres of paths and trails this part of the Loire. You can always recharge your batteries with a revitalising, ‘potée’ stew, a local French cheese, all polished off with some ‘bugnes’, a local, sugar coated fried dough. Too yummy to be true!